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Press releases2023-09-26

- Partnership offers fleet customers optimum support
- Function available on schedule – despite difficult framework conditions
- Expansion will take place as soon as new driver cards are available on the market

Wildau / Munich, 26/09/2023 – The second generation of the intelligent tachograph becomes mandatory

Within the framework of the recent amendment of Regulation (EU) No 165/2014 on tachographs, an updated version of the intelligent tachograph has been introduced for new vehicles as of 21/08/2023. Older tachographs must be replaced in a phased manner by 21/08/2025. The new Smart Tacho 2 devices not only record a driver's activity, they also have additional features that are designed to enforce EU legislation on cabotage and worker assignment. These functions include e.g. the recording of border crossings and determination of the exact location of a vehicle during loading and unloading operations.

In addition, the Smart Tacho 2 is intended to further improve the Tamper protection of its predecessor. This is achieved with a series of new safety mechanisms, such as the installation of an internal sensor that works independently of the external motion sensor. By the end of 2023, tachograph manufacturers plan to implement the capability of authenticating satellite signals (GNSS OSNMA).

"As experts on tachographs, we also provide support to our customers during this difficult transition and conversion phase. Here, we are helped by the fact that we were aware at an early stage of the central EU requirements of the mobility package and hence also of the introduction of the Smart Tacho 2, which has been required since August. This is why we were among the first to successfully integrate the remote download with its hardware for the Smart Tacho 2," explains Susanne Kirsch, Managing Director of TACHOfresh. "G2.2 driver cards are not yet available on the market, but again, we are very well placed for smooth implementation of G2.2 demo driver cards."

TACHOfresh and idem telematics are supporting the freight forwarder Spedition Meyer Logistik with its conversion to Smart Tacho 2

The challenges faced by logistics companies are illustrated by the example of Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co KG. The company, based in Friedrichsdorf near Bad Homburg, has a fleet of around 1200 trucks. In addition to local transport, international transports are also arranged. In order to meet the demands of fleet management, Ludwig Meyer has chosen a telematics system including cargofleet 3 from idem telematics, system partner of TACHOfresh. "With idem, we have an experienced partner at our side that not only provides us with support for legal issues associated with the use of digital tachographs, but also helps us to check compliance with driving, rest and working times," says Christopher Steyer, Head of IT and Project Management at Meyer Logistik. "In connection with the upcoming gradual conversion of our vehicles that require tachographs to the Smart Tacho 2, the telematics portal cargofleet 3 provides us with a suitable controlling tool". For Christopher Steyer, it is also important to maintain an overview of when which trucks are to be scheduled for a tachograph conversion and then to digitally document the substitution. Also important is deployment planning for new driver cards and the implementation of cabotage journeys. Good professional advice is also required for the delivery of new vehicles that are not yet equipped with the Smart Tacho 2.

Jens Zeller, Managing Director of idem telematics, explains: "We are pleased that we are one of the first to be able to read out the Smart Tacho 2. The late availability of the new tachographs and the new driver cards has made adaptation to telematics difficult for us. But with our 25 years of market experience, we were also able to successfully complete this project. The remote download of driver and vehicle files also works reliably for the Smart Tacho 2."

The trusting, partnership-based cooperation between idem telematics and TACHOfresh has made it possible to provide the right consulting services for the customer and to adapt all products to the requirements of the new tachographs.