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At the right time, in the right quality, at the right place

All data at a glance

idem telematics supports transporters in bringing sensitive and cooled goods from A to B safely and as quickly as possible and to have an insight into all important data.


Gaining productivity right from the start

Advantages already become noticeable during the transmission of the orders: planned routes are transferred on-line into the vehicle. While the tour is being processed, the vehicle reports regularly to your workflow. The result: you always know where it currently is. The effects of delays on delivery times become visible and you can implement the required remeasures in good time.

Digital auxiliary aids for reliable deliveries

A hand-held scanner, for example, which compares the consignment data stored during loading and unloading with our software, ensures that the freight will always be delivered to the right place in the future. Deliveries digitally signed by the customer are documented in the system and information regarding damaged freight is added if necessary.

Open communication in all directions

All information is exchanged with your Transport Management System (TMS) via a software interface and can therefore be processed there without media discontinuity. Upstream and/or downstream systems can also be connected individually. In this way, the information chain remains seamless throughout the entire transport process.

Focus on
the essentials

Find out where your vehicles are located and how they have moved.

All-in-One Telematics Platform

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A comprehensive overview of all relevant information of the vehicle fleet and assigned transport orders assists to control the fleet comfortably.

Driver App – Tablet

Simple tour management for the driver with simplified documentation for the order processing and notification to head office.

Driver App – Scanner

Using a barcode scanner and a digital freight list enables the driver to inspect whether the right freight has been delivered in full to the right recipient. Tour progress and possible deviations can be traced at head office.

Case study

“The idem telematics system constantly measures tyre pressure as well as the temperature and warns the driver and dispatcher when the values deviate from the target. This increases safety because it minimises damage, saves fuel as well as downtime costs.”


Increase transparency, efficiency and security through digitalization of transport and logistics