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only possible with idem telematics: even without the use of a telematics portal, the warning message can be forwarded to an e-mail inbox.
This means that not only the driver receives a warning message in the cab - the fleet manager, for example, is also informed about the loss of tyre pressure and can take action.

additional benefits through telematics functions

• Avoidance of unnecessary fuel consumption and increased tyre wear due to incorrectly set tyre pressure Example savings, based on 120,000 km mileage: 1000 litres of diesel / 2640 kg CO2 / 20% longer tyre life*
• Time and money saved by eliminating unnecessary tyre pressure checks
• Reduction in unscheduled downtimes and reduction in the risk of accidents due to tyre bursts
• Hot-running tyres can be detected in good time
• Information on the trailer's tyre condition and alerts in the event of deviations are available immediately, enabling immediate action to be taken
• Compliance with ECE R141 (for new registrations from July 2024)
• Increase the transparency of safe and economical driving
• Fleet manager can remotely analyse the TPMS status of the fleet, take action and assess the driver
• TPMS information integrated into the digital maintenance calendar

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