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• Deviations in tyre pressure of >20% must be displayed in the truck within 10 minutes
• Standardised EBS interface for TPMS/TPRS data - also from third-party suppliers
• ECE R 141 compliant TC Trailer Gateway BASIC telematics box (control unit incl. TPMS)
• complies with ECE R 141 without additional service fees/costs
• Additional telematics benefits for vehicle manufacturers and/or end customers can be activated without any problems
• One system for all EBS modulators - only one sensor type required
• EBS manufacturer-independent installation and configuration
• Proof of UN ECE R 141 conformity (sensors + control unit) by idem
• Support by idem in the installation process and documentation in vehicle production

This is why you should implement UN ECE R 141 with idem:

1. only possible with idem telematics: even without using a telematics portal, it is possible to forward the warning message to an email inbox.

2. additional benefits through telematics functions More details in the next TPMS post