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From 1 July 2024, all newly registered vehicles and trailers must be equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS).
But what are the benefits of this regulation?

The TPMS is for safety and alerts drivers to problems with tyre pressure, helping to prevent accidents and providing real-time data directly into the cab! It's all about increasing the safety of our drivers on the road.

What's more, the right tyre pressure makes the tyre more powerful, durable and efficient, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This means smoother and smoother journeys for our drivers, better punctuality for our customers and lower costs for the company.

We support you in the implementation of UN ECE R 141:
- Deviations in tyre pressure of >20% must be displayed in the truck within 10 minutes
- Standardised EBS interface for #TPMS/ #TPRS data- also from third-party providers
- ECE R 141 compliant TC Trailer Gateway BASIC telematics box (control unit incl. TPMS)
o fulfils ECE R 141 without additional service fees/costs
o Additional telematics benefits for vehicle manufacturers and/or end customers can be easily activated
- One system for all EBS modulators - only one sensor type required
- EBS manufacturer-independent installation and configuration
- Proof of UN ECE R 141 conformity (sensors + control unit) by idem
- Support from idem during the installation process and documentation in vehicle production
only possible with #idemtelematics: even without the use of a telematics portal, the warning message can be forwarded to an email inbox.
This means that not only the driver receives a warning message in the cab - the fleet manager, for example, is also informed about the loss of tyre pressure and can take action.

Interested? We will be happy to inform you.