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In order to protect sensitive customer data in the best possible way, idem has itself certified according to ISO 27001!

What is an ISMS (Information Security Management System) and certification - and why is it essential?

The ISMS forms the basis for a systematic implementation of information security within a company and for compliance with security standards. Possible risks with regard to information security are identified, analysed as well as minimised and thus manageable.

Information security is not limited to digital data, networks, data carriers and computers. Rather, it deals with the entire network and computer security and data protection and is by no means limited to the digital form of data.

Whether it is hacker attacks on servers, the unauthorised decryption of data, espionage and sabotage, vandalism or natural forces such as fire, storms or floods, each of these aspects requires a well thought-out and fundamental concept. There are many building blocks in a vital information security management system. Policies and security concepts need to be defined or updated. Risks are continuously reassessed, measures for risk treatment and elimination are defined and their implementation is monitored. Audit plans are drawn up, prepared, carried out and followed up. Verbesserungspotenzial werden fortwährend identifiziert und realisiert. Aufgabe des ISMS ist dabei der angemessene Schutz der Grundwerte Vertraulichkeit, Integrität und die Verfügbarkeit von Informationen. Dazu gehört unter anderem die Absicherung der Informationsverarbeitung, insbesondere die der IT. Eine Lösung ist die internationale Norm ISO/IEC 27001 - Informationstechnik– Sicherheitsverfahren– Informationssicherheitsmanagementsysteme–Anforderungen. The standard supports companies in creating an efficient management system in order to identify and evaluate information security risks according to a uniform approach and to make risk-based decisions on how to deal with them. idem telematics is currently in the process of being certified according to ISO 27001 in order to protect all data and information from threats in the best possible way.