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Are you transporting food or other goods that need to be refrigerated? Do you need a complete temperature record when the goods are delivered?
That's no problem at all with our telematics solution.

Temperature sensors installed in the trailer measure the temperature at various points and send it to cargofleet 3 via the telematics box in the vehicle. This means that all temperature data is always available at the control centre, where it is also stored and archived. Here too, set target values are constantly monitored and can trigger an alarm.

Do I have to provide proof of temperature when the goods are delivered? We also offer 2 different options for this. Either via our app directly as a PDF to an email address or print it out directly in the vehicle using our mobile printer and hand over a paper copy of the temperature data in person. With our temperature monitoring in the cargofleet 3, the legally prescribed control and documentation of the cold chain is 100% fulfilled.

Interested? Then please get in touch with us.