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TC Trailer Gateway PRO
2-way communication

Whether from the office desk, the home office or the driver's cab - nothing stands in the way of easy monitoring and control of peripheral equipment! 

The #TCTrailerGatewayFamily picks up all #vehicle- and #process-relevant data to make it available to you in real time.

The #FamilyFeatures of the #TCTrailerGatewayPRO go even further: The 2-way communication <--> enables commands to be triggered from the #cargofleet3 portal to #control #refrigerators, for example. This includes setting or adjusting #temperature #setpoints or changing the operating mode.

In addition, you determine the range of intelligent #alarms that can be set even in combination of temperature and #door signals as well as defined #geofences. Sounds exciting? It is!  

You too can use our convenient 2-way communication to maintain the driving operation at all times as well as the quality of the transported #fresh goods! 


Feel free to contact us for more information or call us at +49 89 72013670 to arrange a demo meeting. 



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