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Receive support from the experts

Our team of experienced and highly qualified specialists will be pleased to advise you individually, professionally and strategically regarding the planning and implementation of your telematic projects.

We can support you during the entire project and jointly design a sustainable, investment-safe telematics system for you.

The specific needs of your company and the requirements of the industry are therefore always focal point of our activities. Collaborating with you enables us to find out what you need and also what is suitable for your company: We can incorporate our modular system for individual combinations and solutions. In this case, you can already access tried and tested basic functions at the start of a project.

For special or completely new requirements, our consultants and our experienced programmers look forward to designing and programming special modules which can be tailor-made to your requirements. Due to the trust which our customers have previously placed in us, we have successfully tested this approach in many projects: at eye level with our customers, in various development environments and for small and large budgets.


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Projects with idem telematics are always planned with foresight and strive for sustainability. Working together with you enables us to determine the best solution and implement it. Clear specifications ensure short project durations and reduced costs. When can you provide the starting signal?
  • Determine project scope
  • Situation analysis
  • Evaluate the respective requirements of the company
  • Identify the specific needs of the industry
  • Expert advice by implementing experienced telematic specialists

Integrative Systeme


An individual telematics solution is only sustainable when it enables integration for third-party systems. Our cargofleet 3 portal enables:

  • Integration of upstream and downstream systems (e.g. ERP, TMS, accounting)
  • Possible incorporation for subcontractors
  • High investment security by means of modular expandability
  • Integration and coupling for our technology with existing IT systems
  • Optimised organisation and control for agile transport processing
  • Long-term data storage (for German servers up to 10 years)

Telematics trainings for introduction, installation and application

Technical installation training for workshops

Technical installation training for workshops

We can provide training so that our customers, workshops and installation partners can install and connect the new hardware. Depending on the individual requirement situation, this can be successfully executed in just a few hours. We can come to you or conduct the training on-line via video chat. We would also be pleased to welcome you to our company, all organised just as you wish.

Assignment, advantages and basic applications

Assignment, advantages and basic applications

It is our objective to evaluate the collected data in such a way that your processes can be optimised. That is why we always show you how you can coordinate our portal to your requirements. In addition to basic applications such as “entering vehicles”, "placing orders or tours" and “configuring location settings”, we also take your special requirements into account.

Telematic applications in your company

Telematic applications in your company

We always start with an inventory when digitalising your transport processes. We analyse individual requirements, established workflows and work out how the telematic can optimally support you. The jointly created implementation plan as well as the project management specifications create the prerequisites for the successful implementation of your telematic project.


Irrespective of whether this is a sprint or a marathon, we are versatile: As soon as you provide the starting signal, we are at your side.