The flexible telematics solution for trailers

» Modular set-up for retrofit situations
» Extendable functionalities via additional hubs
» Simple installation


The modular telematics monitoring solution
that adapts to your expectations.

The heart of the system is the Gateway which covers the core telematic monitoring requirements of a trailer‘s application and processes the data from connected hubs.
As soon as additional functionality is required, hubs can be retrofitted at any time. This modular concept allows for the initial investment to remain low and provides the basis for future expansion.




cargofleet Trailer Gateway BoxTC TRAILER GATEWAY

The TC Trailer Gateway unit is the heart of the

  • As a „stand-alone“ telematics system the TC Trailer Gateway unit provides all essential information like POSMonitor; EBSMonitor; TruckTrailerCoupling.

  • As a „processing center“, the TC Trailer Gateway unit collects all data from the connected Hubs and transmit these to the server.

cargofleet TC Trailer Gateway functions

cargofleet-trailer-gateway-box-bilder-neu-EN-Modul-5 (Kopie)

cargofleet-trailer-gateway-neu-EN-Modul-5-1 (Kopie)



cargofleet TC Trailer Gateway TempMonitor HubTempMonitor Hub

Temperature control is a predominant quality attribute. The "tempmonitoring" Hub extends your telematics system to include information from the reefer or the installed temperature recorder. Monitoring of the reefer and temperature recorder and alarm notification in case of temperature issues allow for proactive quality control of the cargo during transport.
cargofleet TC Trailer Gateway TempMonitor Hub Functions

cargofleet TC Trailer Gateway TempRecorder HubTempRecorder Hub

The EN 12830 certified temperature monitoring system automates the fulfillment of the requirements according to European legislation and secures the quality of your cargo. No additional temperature recorder equipment is necessary. The wide range of alarm options allows for proactive quality control.
cargofleet TC Trailer Gateway TempRecorder Hub Functions





Temp Hub Extension


cargofleet TC Trailer Gateway FuelMonitor

The surveillance of the diesel tanks on the trailer offer the security of ensuring adequate fuel for reefer operation, as well as reducing the risk of fuel theft.


cargofleet TC Trailer Gateway DoorMonitor

The monitoring of the door raises the level of security control of your cargo. It gives information on door opening and closing times together with clarity and duration of loading and unloading processes.





cargofleet TC Trailer Gateway TireMonitor HubTireMonitor Hub

The monitoring of the pressure and the temperature of your tyres raises the level of safety and reliability in your fleet and assists in fuel savings.
cargofleet TC Trailer Gateway Tiremonitor Hub Funktionen






idem telematics gateway EBS Data

idem telematics gateway Plus


» Affordable solution with multiple features
» Quick and simple installation via „Plug-and-Play“
» Extendable at any time with additional hubs
» Tamper-free thanks to embedded SIM concept
» Capability to integrate to customer-specific hubs






idem telematics hardware trailer

Professional TC Trailer Series Hardware

TC Trailer Gateway and hubs are your independent monitoring systems of all pulled assets. Via the interface to sensors you get detailed information of mobile units on usage, consumption and wear and tear.



Hardware overview  PDF