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TC Trailer Gateway PRO 


Over the last few months, we have presented our TC Trailer Gateway BASIC with its many #familyfeatures.
Now we would like to introduce you to the big sister in our Gateway family - the TC Trailer Gateway PRO.

The TC Trailer Gateway PRO is the 'Swiss army knife' of telematics and, in addition to many innovative functions (which we will present to you in the next few weeks), naturally also offers all the standard functions of the TC Trailer Gateway BASIC:

Here again is an overview of all the standard #features:
#Satellite positioning
#2G/4G data transmission
#tour/route monitoring
#EBS data / error codes
#brake pad wear (EBS)
#EBPMS Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System
#TPMS Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System
#Battery Heater
#ServiceApp - commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics
#cargofleet3 all-in-one #telematics portal
#Bluetooth - Truck-Trailer-Coupling
#Bluetooth - Connection of various #Sensors


Stay tuned to see what happens next....





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