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Today's post is about how you can actively manage your #fleet and always have an overview of all important data or be automatically notified in case of #deviations.

With our #familyfeature #Alarms / #Reports, all important #fleet data can be viewed at any time and you are automatically informed in case of deviations.

With #Alarming, events or deviations from set values - such as #tyre pressure, #speed, #brakes or also #geofencing (departure, arrival, duration) can be monitored autonomously by the system. If a deviation happens or a technical defect occurs, you will be informed immediately via email or SMS. This helps to avoid dreaded #tire blowouts or #brake #failure and, if necessary, proactively arrange #workshop visits.

Our numerous #reports and #analyses support you in resource-saving driving, in optimal #fleet utilisation and thus in saving money. Through #evaluations and #driver training on resource-saving driving, for example, around 15% #fuel costs can be saved. But also idle times, loading and unloading times or other vehicle data can be evaluated, analysed and optimised.


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