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For fleet managers, the work of checking driving licences should not be underestimated, and this workload increases with increasing fleet size. It must be carried out at least twice a year.
With the electronic driver's license control of idem telematics, we enable the fleet manager to comply with his legal obligation to check. Compared to the conventional process, this can be carried out almost automatically in future, independent of location, by the drivers themselves. This saves time and manual effort in fleet management.

- Legally compliant implementation of the driving licence control in the company
- Tamper-proof system using NFC tags
- Control and report intervals can be defined individually
- Automatic prompting of the drivers
- Status of the driving licence control of all drivers at any time in view
- Report as proof of documentation
- Warnings for overdue checks
- Fast and location-independent feasibility
- Elimination of manual effort
- Time saving in the administration

With the driver's license control report, the fleet manager has a tool that creates absolute transparency regarding the control status of his drivers. Overdue checks are thus a thing of the past. The master data administration in the cargofleet portal now makes it possible to maintain not only driver data but also the relevant driver's license data of the employees centrally.
The electronic driver's license check is implemented with the help of near field communication technology (NFC). A so-called NFC tag is attached to the back of the driver's Euro driver's license, for example. The NFC tag can be removed again without leaving any residue, but it becomes unusable. This lays the foundation for tamper-proof control. If the driver's licence is withdrawn, he can no longer use the NFC tag for checking purposes. A unique code is stored on each NFC tag (UID). This code is read by NFC-capable readers (e.g. tablet or smartphone) and transmitted to the cargofleet 3 telematics portal for verification. In no time at all, the driver receives confirmation of a successful check on the app. The app also shows when the next driver's license check is due.
Via the driver administration of the CF3 portal, the corresponding driver's license data of a driver, such as driver's license number, driver's license classes, issue and expiry date, check interval, last check, ID of the NFC tag, and the corresponding check interval can be stored. The ID of the NFC tag is a mandatory field. We are happy to support customers during the initial commissioning.


Data security
The electronic driver's license control is a DSGVO-compliant measure for the fulfillment of the legal or corporate control obligation. Only the UID is stored on the tag itself; no personal data is stored.
If the driver uses the cargofleet Driver App to check the driver's license, the corresponding time stamp of the check is automatically recorded in the system. This enables correct proof to be provided to the legislator of each check carried out.
In the event of problems, such as an overdue check, the fleet manager is automatically notified in the report and can intervene if necessary.






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