Telematics Functions
for Transport and Logistics



Temperature monitoring

Quality management through refrigeration unit and temperature recorder connectivity

  • Continuous monitoring of temperatures
  • Alerts in case of temperature changes
  • Recording of temperature data
    and 18M online storage
  • Legally approved documentation

Door control

Reliable information on cargo status through
door sensoring and access control

  • Security of goods
  • Monitoring of loading/unloading times
  • Optimization of loading/unloading processes
  • Freight safeguard through legally approved documentation

GPS/GLONASS – positioning

The live monitor shows you location and status of all vehicles of your fleet: „online and driving“, „online and standing“ or „offline“. Furthermore you receive information such as vehicle name, position as text, time stamps of position, status, speed and direction of travel. The trace tracking enables you to display and analyse driven tracks within a selected period on the map.

idem telematics Funktionen GPS/GLONASS

Driving and rest times

By connecting the on-board computer to the digital tachometer you keep record of the current working status of your drivers.

Hereby you always have an overview of the remaining driving times (day and weekly) of your drivers.

idem telematics function driving / rest times


Especially to meet the truck requirements, route closures for trucks, hazardous transports, and trailers are considered. trucknavi implies vehicle dimensions and limitations in weight, axle load and height and routes the truck according to these limitations to his destination.

idem telematics function truck navigation

tachoinfo – remote download

The automatic remote read-out of data from the digital tachometer significantly reduces the regular manual logistical effort. The company card is connected via a card reader within the company and therefore does not need to be available in the vehicle. Read-out data are compatible and easy to archive with analysis programs such as TachoPlus.

idem telematics function tachograph information

Order processing

Use the order management to send the most important job data to your driver and to keep records of your orders.

Your drivers hand over the address data directly into the built-in navigation and transfer the current job status.

idem telematics Funktionen Auftragsbearbeitung


Your fleet manager or dispatch centre sets the parameters for economic driving behaviour. Based on these data, the driver gets displayed whether his driving behaviour corresponds with agreed objectives. He can see on his telematics display, how braking and gear selection affects his eco-statistics, can analyse his driving behaviour in detail and optimise it.

idem telematics function ecoresponse

FMS Data

Via CAN adapter valuable data is transmitted from the vehcle’s bus system. According to the FMS standard data as mileage, fuel consumption and rpm is processed and analyzed.

In particular the combination in “trip reports” illustrates driver behaviour and vehicle usage.

idem telematics function FMS-Daten


With an in-house comparison of the driving behaviour, the drivers can even exchange among each other about their improvement and possibilities.

A group-wide competition can serve to motivate to defensive, environmentally friendly and vehicle-friendly driver behaviour.

idem telematics function topdriver