Telematics Functions
for Transport and Logistics



Temperature monitoring

Quality management through refrigeration unit and temperature recorder connectivity

  • Continuous monitoring of temperatures
  • Alerts in case of temperature changes
  • Recording of temperature data
    and 18 months online storage
  • Legally approved documentation

Door control

Reliable information on cargo status through
door sensoring and access control

  • Security of goods
  • Monitoring of loading/unloading times
  • Optimization of loading/unloading processes
  • Freight safeguard through legally approved documentation

EBS data

Safety and service through transmission of technical chassis data

  • Real time EBS data monitoring
  • Alerts to control centre, service and driver (text message, email) if critical threshold values are reached
  • Data processing, report creation and storage (up to 18 months)
idem telematics function EBS-Daten

GPS/GLONASS – positioning

The live monitor shows you location and status of all vehicles of your fleet: „online and driving“, „online and standing“ or „offline“. Furthermore you receive information such as vehicle name, position as text, time stamps of position, status, speed and direction of travel.

idem telematics Funktion GPS/GLONASS

Coupling status

Via the EBS connection coupling status and truck-trailer ID could be identified.

  • Informations on truck-trailer combination
  • Facilitates fleet management optimization