Telematics Functions
for Transport and Logistics




Temperature control and monitoring

  • Certified temperature recorder according to EN12830, class 1
  • Alerts in case of exceeding thresholds
  • Real time proof of temperature data and saving history data (up to 18 months)

TLogMobile – mobile app

Smart telematics tool for drivers

  • Informations on tour and cargo status
  • Reception of TPMS- and EBS alarms
  • Interfaces to transport management software
  • Order management and dispatching

idem telematics function TLogMobile


Independent and eco-friendly – a lot of container do not reach their destination. If natural disasters or crime – values often get lost. solarpower as stand-alone security solution puts the things right with track- and tracing of high value cargo and heavy equipment. Power supply is provides by solar energy and an internal battery.

idem telematics function solarpower


Monitoring the fuel level of trailers – fuelinfo is the solution to control the trailer’s fuel tank. As an option with LED-display, fuel level can displayed directly.

If fuel level is manipulated, an alert is send to the cargofleet control centre.

idem telematics function fuelinfo


Freight security via remote control

  • For all standard doors
  • No opening if deactivated
  • Display and documentation of all
    status changes
  • Remote door lock control via web portal


Saves ressources and protects the environment –as a quite small part of the trailer invest tires have a big influence on fuel consumption and running costs. tirecontrol continuously measures tyre pressure and temperature and alerts in case of deviations. Tear costs and fuel consumption can be reduced considerably.

idem telematics function tirecontrol


No open questions! Whether the driver picked up a damaged cargo or the freight have been damaged during the transport – this can be answered clearly with damagecontrol and documented additionally with a photo.

As result, no questions remain open, if it’s to clarify, when a damage occurred.

idem telematics functions damagecontrol


palletcount lets you manage your loading aids by registering the receipt and delivery of loading aids to your customers. The interface makes this data available to your logistics software.



Flexible and reliable – Drivers can take on new shipments or returns when making deliveries.
New orders can be created on site by using the handheld device. The telematics system makes this data available to your ERP system. This prevents incorrect orders and duplicate orders.

idem telematics Funktionen pickontour


Upon delivery, the goods are scanned and automatically compared with the unloading list for the specific stop. Warnings are issued if goods do not belong to the delivery stop. This permanently prevents incorrect deliveries. Naturally, this function is also available for loading.

idem telematics Funktionen trackit